GoodWe steps up its battery game with new additions to its Lynx Home Series
        GoodWe stands No.1 as Rooftop Inverter Supplier in India
        GoodWe HT 1500V Launch Event - Reshaping Vietnam Future Energy
        GoodWe Green Planet Campaign
        GoodWe announces to join the United Nations Global Compact
        GoodWe establishes after-sales presence in Chile
        The official website for GoodWe Solar Community is now going live
        GoodWe centralizes its local presence in EMEA
        Riding on PV and energy storage waves, GoodWe’s first-half energy storage inverter shipments match total shipments of the previous year
        GoodWe’s best-in-class Altman-Z score on BloombergNEF’s 2021 report reflects strong financial performance and bankability
        GoodWe inverters are now available from Krannich Solar France.
        GoodWe highlights net-zero-enabling Smart Energy Management System at BNEF Summit London 2021
        Power the Zero-Carbon Future
-- A grand reunion with GoodWe at InterSolar Europe 2021
        GoodWe at BNEF Summit 2021, reinforcing efforts to power a net-zero future
        The rising sci-tech stars GoodWe and Arctec ink the strategic joint partnership
        Join us for a Free GoodWe Technical Seminar Series!
        GoodWe attracted great attention at the EIF 2021 with its wide product range
        A long-awaited reunion of GoodWe and Intersolar South America Exhibition in Brazil 2021
        GoodWe Powers C&I Sector with the Ultimate Commercial Storage Solution
        GoodWe Performance through the roof in Indias solar hotspot
        Southeast Asia united to fight COVID-19
        GoodWe supports Malaysia to embrace solar energy
        Second stop 2021 of the GoodWe Solar Truck Roadshow: Spain!
        Mid Autumn Festival
        GoodWe Debut at Solar Pakistan 2021: Path to Pakistan’s Zero Carbon Future
        New GoodWe office opening in Johannesburg, South Africa
        GoodWe dołącza do inicjatywy ONZ Global Compact
        Solar Energy Cooperation From Enerjisa and GoodWe
        GoodWe dołącza do inicjatywy ONZ Global Compact
        GoodWe launched its first Solar Roadshow 2021 in Europe
        GoodWe’s new manufacturing facility to boost production capacity to 1.2 million units per year
        Monthly Market Update-Americas
        GoodWe honored with the Top Brand PV 2021 Award for inverter manufacturers in Pakistan
        GoodWe listed as most efficient APAC manufacturer in 2021 SPI test
        GoodWe wins TÜV Rheinland All Quality Award for sixth year in a row
SMT Series takes first place and sells out on first day
        GoodWe has achieved 1GW of inverter shipment in Australia
        GoodWe Shines at 2021 Korean Green Energy Expo with Latest Product Innovations
        New Record for GoodWe
        GoodWe centralizes its local presence in EMEA
        GoodWe partners with Ledico to expand in Israel Market
        GOODWEEK 2021 -- Global and Regional Success for the PV industry
        GoodWe Global Call Center
        Why GoodWe is the Global Leader in Storage Inverters
        Monthly Market Update
        “What’s past is Prologue”
        GoodWe Signs a 100MW Supply Agreement with GS Global to bring best value high efficiency solar inverter to South Korean PV Markets
        Introducing GoodWe Lynx Home Battery Series
        A Bright Future for Vietnam Solar Projects
        The GoodWe MT inverters incorporate DC arc-default circuit protections complying with UL1699B, according to Letter of Attestation from CSA Group.
        GoodWe enters partnership with IBC SOLAR
        GoodWe inverters are now available from Krannich Solar in Southeast Asia
        Further implementation of European plan: GoodWe announces strategic partnership with global influential renewable energy producer & service provider Voltalia
        GoodWe signs Europe-wide cooperation with Krannich
        GoodWe makes its second appearance one year after its debut at Key Energy
        GoodWe-Failte strategic service alliance in Ireland
        GoodWe listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange
        Secure a Faster ROI with GoodWe's Second Generation of MT Series
        GoodWe Project Photo-Contest 2.0
        GoodWe Recognized as Top Brand PV Seal by EuPD Research for Fourth Consecutive Year
        GoodWe introduces the most Powerful & Intelligent String Inverters – HT Series 100-136kW
        GoodWe, the only Inverter Manufacturer to win the TÜV Rheinland “All Quality Matters” Award 5 years in a row!
        GoodWe joins world’s first e-marketplace “Solar & Storage DigiCon”
        GoodWe signs cooperation with European Energy Giant Rexel
        Official launch of HT Series - 1500V 250kW PV String Inverter
        GoodWe launches GoodWe PLUS+ Installer Program in EMEA including 10 years warranty extension
        It’s official: GoodWe’s North America portfolio is compliant with UL
        GoodWe SDT G2 series inverters - maximize your Power & Savings
        GoodWe Ranked as Global No. 1 Hybrid Inverter Suppliers by Wood Mackenzie
        GoodWe is world’s first and only inverter brand compatible with BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM: four storage products now compatible
        GoodWe beats first tier competitors on the 3.3MW rooftop DOSAB project in Turkey, reaffirming its position as one of its major suppliers
        GoodWe at the SPI Exhibition: a successful landing in America
        The face of an evolving GoodWe at the Australian All-Energy Exhibition
        GoodWe-LetMeRepair strategic service alliance: peace of mind for our customers in Poland!
        Largest Solar Energy Technical Workshop hosted by GoodWe Turkey and CW Energi
        GoodWe takes after-sales service to the next level in the Iberian Peninsula & signs strategic partnership with Monsol
        New GoodWe Headquarters in Suzhou
        GoodWe makes history at InterSolar India 2019
        Bonjour France! GoodWe participation at the EnerGaïa Forum of Montpellier
        LG Chem visits GoodWe Headquarters to discuss the path for a more customer centric photovoltaic ESS package
        ¡Buenas noticias para México! Los inversores residenciales GoodWe cumplen con el estándar UL1741
        GoodWe Winner of 2020 pv magazine Annual Awards’ Inverter Category
        2020 first stop: Belgium. GoodWe at the Inter Solution Exhibition.
        GoodWe consolidates its position in Spain after a successful participation at the Genera Exhibition
        GoodWe becomes the world’s first non-European inverter manufacturer to obtain the very demanding VDE-AR-N 4110-2018 compliance certificate.
        Smart Energy Technical Workshop 2020
        GoodWe debuts at 2020 PV EXPO: A great start in the Japanese market
        GoodWe signs strategic O&M partnership with TOPS Energy for the Italian market
        GoodWe inverters for largest PV power plant project in Brazil’s Espirito Santo
        GoodWe Single Phase MS Series (5-10kW) inverter now available in Australia!
        GoodWe chosen by Bosch to power their factories
        GoodWe Shines at Renewable Energy India 2019
        A tribute to Britain’s solar market: GoodWe at the Birmingham Solar & Storage Exhibition
        IHS: GoodWe jumps to the 4th position in the global ranking of three-phase string inverters
        Brand new GoodWe DNS inverters ergonomically designed for higher levels of home safety
        GoodWe Introduces New MT Series with Greater Output Power for Large Distribution Projects
        GoodWe launches the worlds first AC-coupled retrofit inverter with UPS function
        A Statement About GoodWe Storage Inverters
        The sun keeps rising in Latin America! Hello Latam!
        GoodWe Showcases Full Range of Inverter Solutions at World Future Energy Summit
        GoodWe String Inverter Boosts the Yield of 18MW PV Project in Turkey
        GoodWe Enthralls the Audience at India Rooftop Solar Congress
        GoodWe, the best protection against the rising electricity tariffs of Mexico.
        GoodWe inverters an essential component of a large urban improvement project in Argentina
        Collaboration between GoodWe and Oxford City F.C. in common purpose: To make a greener world
        GoodWe Presents its Latest Energy Storage Solutions at MCE 2018
        GoodWe Solar Inverters Installed at Nepal Prime Minister's Office
        GoodWe: the world's 7th largest PV inverter supplier, according to Wood Mackenzie
        GoodWe, A Protagonist of Intersolar Europe 2019
        GoodWe Cooperates Krannich Solar with for the Indian Market
        GoodWe Showcases its Latest Products at Solar Solutions Int. 2018
        GoodWe Mexico Training Tour held this week in Mexico
        GoodWe Europe bright participation at Polish Solar Exhibition GreenPower
        Remarkable participation of GoodWe at the Solar Ukraine 2019 exhibition
        GoodWe Korea Co., Ltd Debut at theGreen Energy Expo
        GoodWe distinguished with TÜV Rheinland All Quality Matters Award for three consecutive years
        Bright participation of GoodWe at the Vietnam Solar Show
        GoodWe Awarded EuPD Research Top Brand PV Seal for Australia
        GoodWe and ADLER Solar Agreed on Comprehensive After- Sales Support Services
        GoodWe Innovative Inverters Showcased at International Green Energy Expo 2018
        GoodWe, the only Inverter Manufacturer won 4 consecutive years of TÜV Rheinland “All Quality Matters” Award!
        GoodWe Exhibited at SOLAREX and Provided a Professional Customer Training
        GoodWe Smart Photovoltaic Inverters showcased at The Solar Show 2018
        GoodWe Korea is recruiting talents!
        GoodWe Launches Smart Solution for Module-Level Monitoring, Rapid Shutdown, and Optimization
        GoodWe Conducts On-Grid & Storage Solutions Training in Germany
        GoodWe Inverters Aroused Attention at GENERA 2019 in Spain
        Come and Meet Us at The Upcoming Events and Exhibitions
        GoodWe’s Accelerator to Grid Parity - Versatile 80kW String Inverters
        GoodWe's Big Wins in India
        International Business and Government Delegation Visits GoodWe
        GoodWe Shines at WFES
        GoodWe Awarded EuPD Research Top Brand PV Seal for the Netherlands
        GoodWe presents its A4 paper sized mini inverter -- XS series
        GoodWe 20 kW SDT Series Brings Power Density to Unprecedented Levels
        The First 5MW SKY Project - Contributed by TATA Power & GoodWe
        GoodWe’s Solar Academy Hosts Historic Massive Solar Event in Taiwan with Yama-Sun Energy Technology
        GoodWe protects PV users with global comprehensive insurance
        GoodWe's Participation in Community Solar Carport Project in Changle County
        GoodWe wins Best Storage Inverter Supplier Award
        GoodWe's Efforts in Illuminating the Road to Escaping Poverty
        GoodWe's Wins at PVIC2018
        GoodWe Showcases Its Smart PV Product At The Solar Show 2018 In Manila
        GoodWe’s Exhibition at Intersolar India in Bangalore
        GoodWe as a Solar Technology Representative at MIREC WEEK 2018
        GoodWe dazzling debut at the Sri Lanka Solar Show
        Another Milestone—Establishment of GoodWe Europe GmbH
        GoodWe Dazzles the Audience at SNEC 2018 with New Smart Inverter Solutions
        GoodWe Energy Storage Inverter Awarded World’s First 2018 Version of the VDE-AR-N 4105 Certificate
        GoodWe Meets With Its New international Team In Its Suzhou Headquarters For a Week of Induction
        GoodWe Exhibits at the Key Energy Exhibition in Rimini, Italy
        GoodWe Ranked Top 8 in 2017 World PV Inverter Market
        GoodWe Rocks the Market with Launch of New Smart Inverters and Energy Management System
        GoodWe’s Robust Growth in 2018 Q1 Secures Top 10 World PV Inverter Market
        GoodWe Three-phase Energy Storage Inverter, Now Available!
        The GoodWe SMT Inverter series: Compact and Powerful for Enhanced Efficiency
        GoodWe Awarded by EuPD Research
        GoodWe Successfully Conducted its Training Workshop in Turkey
        Solar & Storage Live 2018 – GoodWe is trying its best to empower the transition to a cleaner energy future
        GoodWe Experts Shared their Views about the Future of Energy at EES & Power2Drive Forum
        GoodWe & Tigo Optimization Solutions, Now Available!
        GoodWe Inverters Flawless Operation under Harsh Environmental Conditions
        GoodWe Massive Workshop Event in Izmir Turkey, October 23th 2018
        GoodWe Expands Business Operation Facilities in India
        GoodWe Attracts Large Crowds at the All-Energy Australia 2018
        GoodWe REI Gala Dinner
        GoodWe and ON Semiconductor establish a joint laboratory for PV inverter new technology development
        GoodWe Showcase at the Renewable Energy India Expo 2018
        GoodWe Showcase at the RE&EE Vietnam 2018
        GoodWe NS, DNS, SDT, DT Series now come equipped with built-in Ethernet port for monitoring
        GoodWe’s First Mark at Mexico Green Expo
        Compact and Powerful: GoodWe ET Series Delivers Independence and Non-Stop Energy
        GoodWe Conducted Tailored Technical Trainings for TATA Power
        GoodWe -- Your Best Solar Solution, is marching to you at Intersolar South America in Brazil
        GoodWe Partners with One Stop Warehouse in C&I Solar Solutions Workshop
        Hello Latin America: GoodWe gets one step closer to its Latin American customers, in their own language!
        GoodWe Launches 70 kW MT Series for Utility Projects
        GoodWe Contributes to Refinery’s Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction
        GoodWe & BYD Joint Product Roadshow Across Australia
        A stronger GoodWe at the Intersolar South America Exhibition in Brazil 2019
        GoodWe launches a true battery-ready solar solution
        GoodWe donated its 36kW Smart Inverter to Rooftop Solar Plant at ISKCON Temple Ujjain
        GoodWe Powered Coca-Cola Beverages Hindustan Factory
        Always with Mexico: GoodWe at the Green Expo Exhibition
        GoodWe launches platform for online customer attention
        GoodWe -- bankable brand with higher product reliability recognized by DNV
        GoodWe launched its First Technical Seminar in Lahore, Pakistan
        GoodWe rebrands, highlighting the role of smart tech in transforming the future of energy
        GoodWe and VP Solar, fast growing partnership for Southern Europe
        Welcome to join GoodWeek 2022 series
        Indonesia government office choose GoodWe PV inverter
        GoodWe “WeTogether Contest”
        GoodWe Booth Shine SolarTech Indonesia 2022
        GoodWe listed on 2022 FTSE Global Equity Index Series
        How will solar power drive the future energy - A quick review for GoodWeek 2022
        GoodWe Japan株式会社が発足
        GoodWe HT 1500V Launch Event - Reshaping Vietnam Future Energy
        2021PV EXPO太陽光発電展:GoodWe スマートエネルギーを再構築
        Power the Zero-Carbon Future
-- A grand reunion with GoodWe at InterSolar Europe 2021
        GoodWe Japan has just achieved a great success at PV EXPO with its new brand image and design of Japan products.
        東京スマートエネルギー週 ハイライト予告
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